I’ve written a children’s book about growing vegetables. It’s called Jackson’s Garden and it’s a board-book for toddlers.

I had the idea when I started to teach my two year old son about how things grow in the garden. I bought him his first set of tools, showed him how to sow seeds and introduced him to a few animals and insects in the garden. He was fascinated and during the Summer insisted that we go out into the garden to do more ‘gardening’ every day.

I like painting and so I started on a little story that featured him as the head gardener of his very own vegetable patch. As the story and illustrations progressed I started to research how I could print the book so that we could read it together at bedtime.

The more people I told about Jackson’s Garden the more people wanted to read it to their children. So I decided to print more than just one book so that I could give the rest to family and friends and sell any that were left. So that’s what I did.

The book comes with a free pack of Lettuce seeds to get young gardeners started and is packed in a fully-compostable cardboard box tied with garden twine.

There is a book two, I’ve nearly finished it and it’s all about how you should plant some flowers or the bees won’t come. I’m looking for a publisher to help me this time so I’ll let you know if that’s successful.

You will soon be able to buy my book here.

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