My Tiny Photos for Sale!


I made the decision to start selling my vegetable photos. I’ve been taking photos of vegetables and fruit for about eight years now and in the process have built up something of a small photo library. Up to now it has been mostly a personal library. I use the photos to illustrate blog posts and I also use them to accompany magazine features that I write. I get quite a few request to use my photos for free too.

Recently, my oldest boy started school and I find myself with ‘more time’ to think about what I want to do with myself. I used to be a journalist in the technology sector but I really don’t want to go back to working in an office – mainly because I still want to be there at school pick up time!

What I’d love to do is to make this blog my career. So with this in mind I’ve decided to make my photos available to buy.

So… if you know anyone who needs photos of vegetables, flowers, fruit then let them know. I have hundreds and hundreds of them. This is just a small selection of my favourite ones. And I will be adding to the collection monthly.

9 Comments on “My Tiny Photos for Sale!

  1. I’ve followed your blog for years & have always enjoyed your photos! You should feel proud of them.
    Have you approached graphic designers? Especially the ones that produce super market label designs? This would be my first point of call.
    Good luck with your venture!!

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I have found it inspirational. I am a keen beginner gardener, and think the idea of selling your photos is great.

    Leanne xx

  3. Having spent two frustrating hours yesterday trying to take a photograph between showers and failing light I think it’s a great idea. Your photos are beautiful and I would certainly use them. It might also be worth considering photos to order and also what you would charge for exclusive use of a shot.


  4. Good luck with your new venture. I look forward to hearing how it develops for you!

  5. Hurrah! I’m surprised you haven’t done this already Gill, but then you have been busy moving continents, making a new/home garden etc etc etc

    Good luck with your new enterprise, your blog has always had the highest standard of photography, so you deserve to to well.

  6. Your photography is beautiful! And it’s certainly a good idea to take to go professional. I started as a garden writer but am now photographing as well, mainly because it did not feel fair to me that a photographer who swept in for an hour to photograph something I had been working on all season always got paid way more than I did for the writing. And while writing does feel like “work” to me, photography still feels like “play” – I enjoy this new creative outlet very much.
    Good luck with your new venture!

  7. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a year or so now. I’m a graphic designer. I have some fellow graphic designer friends who work for Whole Foods. I would suggest contacting your local Whole Foods and show them a portfolio, they are very creative and constantly trying new ways to promote fresh fruits and veggies. You have great work! Good luck!

  8. Thanks everyone. Some great ideas here that I’ll definitely be following up. Can I just say I love having a bunch of lovely people who read my blog. I’m so lucky and I truly appreciate it.