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Roses for a Friend


I picked some Roses today for a friend and neighbour who was celebrating her birthday. I love that I can go out into my garden and pick lovely flowers. I feel like some kind of Victorian lady with my secateurs and basket gathering whatever is flowering right now.

Flowers picked from the garden are never the same as the ones from the florist because they are so random. It’s whatever is there right now. The florist has lots of different blooms to choose from but I only have a small selection. And in my garden right now, that means Roses!

I love picking flowers from the garden because what you get is something real. It’s a bit like how when you have a kitchen garden you tend to harvest vegetables that are ready at the same time like New Potatoes and Mint and Tomatoes and Basil, rather than the myriad of things you can buy at the supermarket.

Having a cutting garden is a new joy for me. And I’m only too happy to spread the love.


Beginning to Like Roses


I always said I didn’t like Roses. Not because I don’t like the flowers but because the bushes look pretty bad in the Winter. My new garden has lots of mature Rose bushes in it and they are all flowering right now.

I have white, cream, scarlet, pink, yellow – fragrant, spray, climbers, ramblers – you name it. I must admit I’m coming around to the idea of Roses. They really are blowing my mind. And such a great cut flower too. My house is literally full.


Finding Flowers

So I spent about half and hour this morning just walking around the garden and figuring out what’s in the garden. Since, I didn’t plant any of it it’s all a surprise to me. The flower above seems to pop up here and there and I’ve no idea what it is. Does anyone know?

There are a lot of roses. And they seem to be of the bush variety rather than climbers. Most are finished flowering for the year but a few here and there are still doing their thing.

There is also some snow-white Viburnum which I’m warming too.

So I picked what was out there, bunched them up with some Rosemary that I found by the back door and brought them inside. I’ve never been one for looking at flowers in a garden. I like my flowers in a vase. Hmmm… this is maybe why I grow mostly vegetables and fruit.


Roses at Sissinghurst

I went to Sissinghurst last week, one-time home of Vita Sackville-West, gardener, writer, Virginia Woolf’s lover – the norm. I actually went to see the vegetable garden but it was closed. I’m assuming there’s not much to see yet, like in my own garden. So I contented myself with looking at the beautifully trained roses.

They’re everywhere. Short little stubby ones, tall tower-like ones. And all trained in this beautiful fluffy clouds formation. It’s very striking.

They even have them climbing the walls in the same pattern. I have two climbing roses here at mtp. One is doing very well next to my Apple tree and the other is well, doing not so good in a pot on my deck. I’m determined to train them a la Sissinghurst. I’ve missed the boat this year since the best time to prune them is November. But I found a handy guide written by Sarah Raven on this very technique that I’ll be using in Autumn.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the craziest bench I’ve ever seen.