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10 Jobs for March


Here at mtp there has been a burst of energy under cover of the Potting Shed. Here’s 10 things we’ll be getting on with this month.

  1. Plant first early potatoes in mild areas where the soil is workable
  2. Spring prune fruit trees like Peaches and Nectarines
  3. Sow some Sweet Peas to grow alongside your Runner Beans
  4. Plant more onion sets and also some more shallots
  5. Spread some wood ash or high potash nutrient on raspberries and strawberries
  6. Plant a few Gladioli corms for some early cutting flowers
  7. Sow Lettuce, Parsley, Coriander, Basil, Red Cabbage, Cauliflower in the coldframe
  8. Sow some Tomatoes, Chilli Pepper, Aubergine and Bell Pepper in a heated propagator
  9. Sow Radish, NZ Spinach, early Carrots directly in the ground in milder areas
  10. Sow Peas in guttering at two-week intervals – place in coldframe or under fleece

If you have any more suggestions for March jobs, add em to the list.


10 Jobs for Feb

frosty leaves

Ah – there’s nothing like a good hard frost to remind you that it’s still winter!
We’re all itching to get out there and start ‘doing’ but remember that there’s nothing to be gained by sowing early – later sowings will always catch up once the weather warms up and you risk losing everything to frost if you’re too eager now. That said, there are jobs that you can be getting on with in Feb. Here’s 10 for starters.

  1. Chit your Potatoes (put them in a light, frost-free place and watch them sprout)
  2. Plant some Garlic – in pots if you like
  3. Force some Rhubarb – the crowns do better if they are at least 3 years old
  4. Plant some fruit trees – dig a hole twice as big as the root ball. Plant the tree to the same depth as it is in the pot. Backfill with the soil that you dug out. Water well.
  5. Plant a few Onion sets – leave some for early Spring too
  6. Prepare a seed bed – dig over a section of your garden and rake it until the soil is crumbly and fine. Seeds will find it easy to germinate here and you can transplant them into the main garden when they are big enough.
  7. Draw up a plan of action
  8. Continue buying seeds – like we ever stopped?
  9. In mild areas sow Summer Cabbage, Spinach, Radish and Broadbeans – under cover of a cloche
  10. Dig a bean trench and fill it with rotted compost or kitchen waste

If you have any more suggestions for February jobs, add em to the list.

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