My Tiny Plot carries a small amount of advertising. There are several visual (non-animated) ad spots that appear on every post. Currently My Tiny Plot has over 882 posts.

I’m looking for partners who have a strong product or service that will be relevant to my readers.

Prices and Rates

Visual Ad: $100 per month

I can offer a discount of 10% for a 6 month booking.

Please note that all text links will be ‘no follow’ links.

Ooh… Here Comes the Science

My Tiny Plot ranks very highly in search engines. I don’t do any pro-active SEO optimisation, the high rankings are a result of years of blogging. It’s just good old-fashioned content and some healthy community chatter.


Per Year:
227,112 Visits

Per Month:
18,926 Visits

per Day:
610 Visits

How to Place Your Ad

Please e-mail me to advertise.