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Picking Hazelnuts (Cobnuts)

I picked these Hazelnuts from a tree that over-hangs my garden. The tree isn’t strictly mine (actually it’s not even slightly mine) but my neighbours like me and they said I can have all the nuts I want off the tree. So – mine!

I wasn’t sure whether to call them Hazelnuts or Cobnuts. Some people switch between the two names, but as it turns out a Cobnut is a type of Hazelnut anyway. The trick is to pick them when they have just started to turn brown but before the squirrels have abseiled in and scoffed the lot. Luckily, for me my two evil cats have managed to keep the squirrels at bay.

So anyway. The Hazelnuts are ready to be picked and I found this lovely site, Allens Farm, one of the few commercial growers of Cobnuts now in the UK. It has some good background information and crucially some recipes, since I have no idea what to actually do with the nuts now I have them in my possession!