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My Stone Fountain

At long last we have our lovely stone fountain working again. When we moved into the house it was looking very sad. It was full of soil and weeds and the pump was on the floor beside it. It was also in the middle of a very overgrown garden and so you couldn’t really see it.

We dug the soil out and it turns out that the bottom level has a wonderful aqua colour to it which makes the water sparkle blue.

It looks a little bare now that the plants are all gone. But pretty soon, once we start planting again it will be back to its former glory and take pride of place in the middle of the kitchen garden. And even though the summer feels like a long way away I bet we’ll be thankful for the tinkling water sound when the sun is beating down. I’m so happy to see it working again and restored to its former glory. It feels like the right thing in the right place in the right garden again.

Here’s a shot of how it looked when we first moved here.