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Introducing Freeway

This is Freeway. And this is her, ‘love me!’ pose. We got her from the Humane Centre here in Portland about two weeks after we arrived. She was in an enclosure with another dog that barked at everyone when they walked past. Freeway just sat there and watched.

When we finally met her she was very sweet, quiet and gentle with the children – despite their best efforts to faze her. We decided to adopt her and it was the best decision for everyone.

She has settled in very nicely. She adores my husband (to a worrying degree) and is a cuddly companion for me. She tolerates the children’s antics with mild disregard. And does her duty as a dog – she barks at other, bigger dogs then runs away, hates the UPS guy or anyone daring to drive a brown van and generally secures the perimeter. She eats like a hound, runs faster that I thought possible even for a dog, scratches up the lawn and sleeps in all the places she’s not supposed to. What more could you ask for from a dog?

She wasn’t found on a Freeway (although that would make an interesting story) she is merely named Freeway after my childhood obsession with Hart to Hart and the fact that I wanted to be Stephanie Powers for years and years. Now that I’m resigned to never actually being Stephanie Powers I’m happy to have a dog with the same name as hers.