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I started harvesting my Spring Onions today. And it’s not a minute too soon for me. I foolishly decided to broadcast sow them in a little patch between the stone path and the greenhouse door. This seemed like a good idea because you can get more into a smaller space.

The problem is, as they grow so do the weeds and the spaces in-between the plants are not wide enough to get a hoe in there. So the weeds just grow.


Broadcast sowing other, more leafy plants like Carrot is fine since their leaf canopy blocks out more light and so the weeds don’t flourish. Spring Onions however, don’t have this so they are not ideal.

Anyway, we are harvesting now and I’m clearing the weeds as I go. Now, can someone remind me not to make the same mistake next year? Great, thanks.


Harvesting Spring Onions

My Spring Onions are almost ready to start pulling. They’ve done very well this year. Last year I had germination issues but this year has been completely different.

Spring Onions are a great crop for a small garden because they don’t need thinning and so you can get lot and lots of plants from a very small area of soil. My crop is in an area about 50cm by 20cm and there are plenty of onions there to pull one or two every day during the next few months.

I didn’t sow them successionally, just all at once back in Spring. And because as I harvest them the ones left in the ground will have more room, so the thinner ones will get bigger as I need them. It’s as if they were made for small gardens!