Beetroot – Bolivar

I harvested my Beetroot today. They were about the size of tennis balls and the top of the Beetroots were starting to show above the soil so I thought that would be an ideal time to bring them in. I don’t want them getting woody. I don’t grow Beetroot very often. I guess I just […]

Sowing Beetroot, Borage & Rocket

Got some time in the potting shed today. Took the time to sort out which seeds will be in the next batch to be sown. I’ll probably sow some Beetroot, Radish, Rocket and Spinach in the open ground – ready with the fleece should we get some late frosts. I’m going to sow more Borage […]

Baby Beetroot Leaves

At this time of year I’m pulling up the last of my Beetroot. Some of them, however, are not quite big enough to eat. With these you can plant them up into their own little pot and either place them under a cloche, or in the coldframe. Just nip off the existing leaves and give […]