Why Frost Can be Good for Plants

When I woke up this morning there was a lovely white frost covering everything. The Yew hedges and the Japanese Holly looked especially beautiful. It looked like snow. I’m thankful for a frost for so many reasons. Not just because it looks pretty and it’s a great excuse to pad about in my nightdress taking […]

Planting Summer Cabbage

These Summer Cabbage (Parel) are almost ready to go out. They have spent a few nights in the coldframe and will likely go into the ground tomorrow. They will form part of the sunburst pattern that I’m planning for the large bed on the side of the kitchen garden. Cabbages are great for this as […]

The Neater the Row the Better the Veg?

I love Spring – everything is so new, green and full of promise. Apart from Christmas it’s my favourite time of year. The Cabbages that I transplanted a couple of weeks ago are coming on a treat and are ready to be planted out in the garden. I made sure to dig in some lime […]

Transplanting Cabbages

I don’t know what it is with Brassicas but I always sow too many of them. Maybe, I’m just hedging my bets because I tend to lose a lot of plants each year, either to slugs, caterpillars or mealy bugs. Or maybe my hand just slips when I’m sowing, I’m not sure. All I know […]