Cutting in the Cover Crop

I decided to chop in around half of the Crimson Clover cover crop that I sowed back in the Autumn (the Rye grass didn’t germinate – probably sowed it too late). It has grown really well and while I would love to see it flower I think that leaving all of it to flower might […]

Sowing Crimson Clover and Rye

A couple of weeks ago I sowed a green manure in the beds that were empty. I chose Crimson Clover because in the Spring I had seen some that was flowering in an allotment near our local school. It was beautiful. It had long, nodding fluffy heads of the most amazing red wine colour. When […]

Green Manure

Okay we’re back in the world of gardening. I’ve planted some green manure in the old potato bed. I went for mustard greens as I had heard (can’t remember where) that other seeds are a bit of a pain to get rid of once they start to grow. So, the green manure is in, and […]