The Mangetout that we planted a few weeks ago in Jackson’s garden is growing well. He was amazed that it came up so fast and we put some sticks in for them to grow up. He wants to know if we can eat them yet? And even though I said that they won’t be ready […]

Late Sowing of Mangetout

I made a super-late (July) sowing of Mangetout this year and they have really done me proud. Much of the main beds (and my Pea sticks) were taken up with an early sowing of Peas this year, but once they had gone over I sowed some Mangetout. I have never sown Peas or Mangetout this […]

Crunchy and Sweet Mangetout

One of the easiest vegetables to grow is Mangetout. It’s also one of those vegetables that, if you grow it yourself, will taste completely different than anything you will buy at the supermarket. There’s no hint of bitterness or aftertaste which can be the downfall of shop-bought Mangetout. I think it tastes almost exactly as […]