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This Year’s 1st Real Harvest

I count this as my first real harvest of the season. It’s my over wintering coldframe Lettuce Reine des Glaces, with a little bunch of ‘this season’ herbs and a clutch of early Radish called Rainbow mixed from Plants of Distinction. The colander is a vintage enamel one that I bought at a flea market at the weekend in my attempt to ape the colanders at Holt Farm. I think I’ll use it for salad harvest for now until the salads get too big and then I’ll plant it up with some Basil maybe.


Working Well Together

One area that’s really coming together in the garden is this section that I planted up in a sun-burst design. The cut and come salads are really working well next to the Mizuna.

And these Peas look great against the Greyhound Cabbages.

There are some gaps where I’ve harvested things. I have sown some Chicory in the gap in the middle and its already come through. I’m also waiting for my mid-season Carrots to grow and fill their row. The Lettuce on the far left is Lobjot’s Green Cos, and at the top of the sunburst you can see my Seakale is also growing very well. It’s definitely more difficult than I thought to keep every row in action though. I’m almost loathe to pick things for fear of ruining the design – which, erm… is not really the point, is it?


Mustard Greens

I’m growing Mustard Greens for the first time this year and I’m surprisingly impressed with them. Firstly, I’ve found them really easy to grow. Almost every single seed I sowed germinated and sometimes that’s half the battle – in my garden at least.

Secondly, they are very decorative and I’ve used them in two of my patterned planting schemes to great effect. Their bright green and red wine colour leaves make for a colourful injection into the sea of green at this time of year.

Thirdly, they grow quickly – almost as quick as Radish, but not quite. Which means that as a cut and come leaf they are always available. The leaves can quickly get too big and a bit chewy but I just nip the big ones off and in a day or two brand new ones appear – perfect.

I have only used them in salads and they really do taste of mustard. But you can cook them too and there are lots of yummy recipes for cooked Mustard Greens that I haven’t tried yet. All-in-all I’d say £1.50 well spent.