Working Well Together

One area that’s really coming together in the garden is this section that I planted up in a sun-burst design. The cut and come salads are really working well next to the Mizuna.

And these Peas look great against the Greyhound Cabbages.

There are some gaps where I’ve harvested things. I have sown some Chicory in the gap in the middle and its already come through. I’m also waiting for my mid-season Carrots to grow and fill their row. The Lettuce on the far left is Lobjot’s Green Cos, and at the top of the sunburst you can see my Seakale is also growing very well. It’s definitely more difficult than I thought to keep every row in action though. I’m almost loathe to pick things for fear of ruining the design – which, erm… is not really the point, is it?

8 Comments on “Working Well Together

  1. I’ve never grown sea kale but it’s on my list for next year…when do you harvest it?

    Regarding the sunburst…yes I can see the difficulty of keeping it when things are harvested! :)

  2. Looking good, indeed. Very envious from the cold, rainy North. Sadly we have had hardly any sun or heat in Scotland since April so my garden is looking very bare and sorry for itself.

  3. I love the sunburst pattern – looks so much more attractive than straight rows!

  4. Your crops looks fantastic!

    How do you stop the wood pigeons from razing your peas and cabbage to the ground?!

    I’m at a loss this year! I thought I had things in order but the dratted WPs have snaffled all my peas and goosberries (they waited until everything looked beautiful then struck when my back was turned.

    Looks like the only answer is a giant fruit cage over the whole veg/fruit plot!


  5. Looks good! Here in North Yorkshire, my veggies are really starting to come on because of the recent rain (the ground has been very dry indeed) and everything seems to have suddenly taken off. Just had my first taste of rainbow chard and rocket – delicious!
    In answer to Magic’s comment, I put up 6 sturdy posts around my veg plot and hung a massive net over the top. Cost £75 for the net but it keeps out all manner of pigeons and rabbits too. I’ve even dug in some chicken wire panels around the bottom to keep out the rabbits. Lot of work, but it’s doing the job!

  6. Hi, just came across your blog through a Independent feature, it’s lovely! Salad has been one of my most successful crops this year too, will definitely be planting more next year.