Crazy Portland Snow


This was a few weeks ago now but I thought I would show you the extent of the ‘crazy’ snow we had here in Portland. I’m always amazed that my garden can take this kind of kicking. It was under more than a foot of snow for over a week and then the ice, oh the ice.

I couldn’t open the green house door for over two days. Yes I could have dug my way in but everything was covered in fleece and happily sleeping in there so I didn’t really need to.


My espaliered Apple trees are just chillin’. No drama here.


The Peach tree tightened its buds and hugged the fence.


While the iron gate and Camellia’s decided it was high time I had my own ‘portal to another world’.  Always wanted one of those.

So that was crazy snow. The last time I saw the likes of this I think I was 13.

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4 Comments on “Crazy Portland Snow

  1. Judging from what I’ve seen from some of the other Portland garden bloggers, I think this is quite rare for your part of the world? We are yet to have any in the Bath area this year…

    I bet your boys loved it!

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