Crazy Portland Snow

This was a few weeks ago now but I thought I would show you the extent of the ‘crazy’ snow we had here in Portland. I’m always amazed that my garden can take this kind of kicking. It was under more than a foot of snow for over a week and then the ice, oh […]

Unexpected Snow!

We’ve had constant snow storms here for about three days. It really has been beautiful to watch. Snuggling under blankets and watching the snow swirl round, and the city grind to a halt. This is what my kitchen garden looks like. You can see how deep the snow is because the box bushes are almost […]

Devon’s First Snow!

Devon went for a walk yesterday and experienced his first snow! Well, when I say experienced, he participated. He seemed to enjoy it and responded by sleeping. What more can you do when you’re only 6 days old! Jackson, couldn’t believe his eyes and was amazed that his new favourite story book ‘Charlie and Lola: […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winner

The ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Photo Mission is over and it’s time to choose the winner. The quality of photos this time was AMAZING. I was truly wowed by some of the photos. You guys are good! But after some deliberation I chose the photo above, of some snow covered Kale, as the winner. It’s […]

It’s All Like…

So I’m all like… In my opinion there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a seed catalogue when it’s snowing outside! Okay there is one thing better, snuggling up with a seed catalogue and a glass of wine. But it’s only 2pm after all! What’s your favourite thing to do when the ground is too […]

Broccoli All Tucked Up

We’ve had some snow at mtp (hooray!). Not a whole lot but enough to get me worried about my Broccoli. So last night I threw a fleece over them. This morning it was like waking up to the three spirits out of A Christmas Carol. A bit spooky! Underneath their blanket though they’re bearing it […]