10 Jobs for April


Now that the tulips are in full swing here’s 10 other things you can be getting on with this month.

  1. Start sowing in earnest with Kale, Parsnip, Carrots and Broadbeans directly into the ground
  2. Finish planting new fruit bushes
  3. Put up your bean poles
  4. Transplant tomato seedlings to individual pots. Still keep them inside
  5. Plant out Peas grown in guttering, sow more as you do and draw soil up around them as they grow
  6. Harden off Sweet Peas
  7. Sow successional crops such as lettuce, radish, rocket, spring onions, peas etc, every two weeks
  8. Sow some winter green such as Winter Cabbage and Sprouting Broccoli
  9. Clean up the strawberry bed; remove any dead or dying leaves
  10. Plant Brussels Sprouts and Spring Cabbage and Asparagus Crowns

If you have any more suggestions for April jobs, add them to the list.

3 Comments on “10 Jobs for April

  1. Love this blog! I found you through a blog list on “The Back Forty”. “10 Jobs Each Month” is most excellent list-making. Look forward to perusing your archives.

  2. Pleased to see that we are keeping up with most of these! Congratulations again for your sweet little arrival. I am impressed and encouraged by the way you’ve picked up and gotten on with everything. It gives hope to a frightened mum-to-be-in-the-making! Thank you for continuing, especially with the blog!

    Ahem. I also wanted to ask: if we sow broad beans this month, when would they crop, do you think? Could I sow them into the soon-to-be-runner-bed?

  3. Hi Anna,

    Yes you can sow Broadbeans now – just make sure they are a main crop variety.