Carrot Plan (part 1)

Last year my carrots were an embarrassment. Most were stunted, all were invaded by carrot fly and consequently none of them made it to the dinner table. This year will be different because I have devised ‘The Carrot Plan’. Armed with information garnered from many sources I have put together a watertight plan designed to […]

Potato, Potato

Yeeha! My seed potatoes arrived last week. I ordered two varieties from the Organic Catalogue. The first is Maris Bard (early) and the second is Robinta (early maincrop) and I was quite happy with my small selection until I visited mtp. I bumped into Clive who assured me that he would be growing no less […]

More garlic…

I’m back – after a minor disaster with a storage drive mtp is back online. This week sees more garlic being planted. More? I hear you cry. But of course. We love garlic and in our opinion you can never have too much. It’s a little late in the year to be planting garlic. I […]