More garlic…

I’m back – after a minor disaster with a storage drive mtp is back online. This week sees more garlic being planted. More? I hear you cry. But of course. We love garlic and in our opinion you can never have too much. It’s a little late in the year to be planting garlic. I already put around 10 cloves in before Christmas and another 8 – 10 in January so we should be okay. But as the first batch of cloves from Marshalls were found to be rotten on arrival we didn’t have much choice with the last lot but to wait for the replacements to arrive (btw Marshalls were very helpful and apologetic about the rotten delivery). So here’s hoping we get one last cold snap to set them on their way. Off now to eat my yummy Valentine’s dinner cooked by Ryan.

4 Comments on “More garlic…

  1. Happy valentine’s to you and Ryan.

    Plus, it’s good tohave you back – I was starting to get worried. I agree. You can’t have too much garlic. I’m not sure that my colleagues at work would agree, but I@m definitely a BIG garlic fan.

  2. I ordered garlic from Thompson and Morgans kitchen garden catalogue a while back and they were only delivered this week. I have 4 heads to plant, all quite small but about a month ago I planted another three splitting up the cloves and planting them about two inches down.
    I was wondering, with these 4 new bulbs, maybe I should try just planting one or two as whole bulbs for the tops to be used in salads. My neighbour suggests this as worthwhile with a few each year. Have you and Ryan tried this at all? Is there any point I wonder?
    P.S Loving your work!

  3. Hi Stuart, No I haven’t tried this. However I noticed that a stray bulb that I left in the ground over the winter has started to sprout so I plan to leave it in and see what happens. I think your idea of using the leaves for salad is a great one. I will try that too and report back.