All Change Please!

Change is a-foot at mtp. First, the bad news – I’ve given up my allotment (I know! I spent a week in mourning). But the good news is that I’m pregnant and have decided that growing vegetables in my own back garden will be much easier – at least for the next few years. Fortunately, […]

No Bits Blackcurrant Jelly

One thing that I can’t stand is when jam has bits in it. Pah, pah, phew (that’s me spitting the bits out). I haven’t eaten jam since I was young for this very reason. But things are about to change – because now – I’m in charge. I had a Tupperware box full of blackcurrants […]

Tulip Time!

Monty says it’s time to plant tulips so that’s what I’m a-doin’. Although, I did cheat and plant some last month, most of my new tulip bulbs went in today. Everything I plant from now on until the garden is re-landscaped is in pots to save them being disturbed. So I planted up around 6 […]

Time to Plant Garlic

I planted up a few garlic last week. I’m doing them in pots for now as I’m planning to have the garden re-landscaped sometime in early Jan/Feb and so didn’t want to risk disturbing them. Garlic grows fine in pots if you plant them up now and then put them in the ground around April/May […]