10 Jobs for Feb

Ah – there’s nothing like a good hard frost to remind you that it’s still winter! We’re all itching to get out there and start ‘doing’ but remember that there’s nothing to be gained by sowing early – later sowings will always catch up once the weather warms up and you risk losing everything to […]

Creating a Plan for Your Patch

mtp has done a short slot on ‘How to Create a Plan for Your Patch’ on the latest Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast also available on Podcast Pickle. On a separate note, I’ve actually met the Podcast Pickle (oh yes, he’s completely real) – it’s my little claim to fame.

Apocalypse Now!

Before: After: Here’s the latest from the Hell Garden. Basically, my beloved little green space has been well and truly JACKED UP by a crazed under-gardener. James, our landscaper is due to arrive tomorrow for a quick inspection. And, assuming all is okay, work on the beds and pathways will start next week. I can’t […]

Not one, not two, but…

As the pond’s days are numbered we decided it was time for Mr Toad (the frog) to be moved. Little did Mr Toad know it but he was soon to be swimming around with the hoity-toity posh frogs up at the big house. He may just be a lowly garden frog but he was about […]