Not one, not two, but…

two frogs
As the pond’s days are numbered we decided it was time for Mr Toad (the frog) to be moved. Little did Mr Toad know it but he was soon to be swimming around with the hoity-toity posh frogs up at the big house. He may just be a lowly garden frog but he was about to make one heck of a social leap. However, when it came to catching Mr Toad we found that he wasn’t alone in his murky and overgrown ditch. He had a friend – who suspiciously enough looked just like Mr Toad. Ah well – we’ll upgrade them both, we thought, and carted them happy away.

three frogs
Then we found another frog, and another, and then another. In total there were five, identical frogs in our tiny one metre by metre pond. Cramped conditions indeed. Of course we relocated all of them to the posh pond up the road and they all seemed very happy.

But then I realised the gravity of the situation. Let me recap. There were five frogs living in my garden for the whole of last summer and my seedlings STILL managed to get munched away time and time again by the plague of slugs that infested my beds? Unbelievable! And they say that frogs are a gardener’s best friend. More like, lazy little beggers who live rent free in your pond, I’d say!

5 Comments on “Not one, not two, but…

  1. it was a record year for slugs!! I tried beer traps last year worked really well!!

  2. I have lots of frogs who are always making me jump when I’m tidying up in the borders but I still had terrible problems with slugs last year though to be fair it was the first time in the 5 years we have lived there. I was also told that the more you cultivate the soil etc the more slugs you will get – lost cause then!

  3. You need a duck or two. We have two muscovie drakes patroling our back garden and not a slug in sight, now the front garden, that is a whole other story.