Why Do Plants Bolt?

Some of my Kale plants look like this… And they should really look more like this… Why? because they’ve bolted (or run to seed). Running to seed is when the plant flowers and produces seed prematurely. The reason most planst run to seed is either increasingly warm weather (Lettuce doesn’t like hot weather) or increased […]

First Harvest – Radish

This is the first real harvest of the year (if you only count seed that was sown this season). What more can be said – growing, harvesting, and eating, that’s what it’s all about right? Anyone else harvesting from this year’s sowings yet?.

Tomatoes Get The Four-Star Treatment

Last week I posted a list of what I had sown up to now this year. I mentioned in that post that I was ‘giving my Tomatoes the four-star treament’. James then e-mailed me and asked, ‘in reference to your Tomatoes, what is the four star treatment’? So I thought I’d let you know. Well, […]

What if You Could Only Grow One Type of Veg?

Okay so here’s a question. Imagine, if you will, that you were only allowed to grow one type of vegetable. I don’t know, say there was some law that forbade it. Which one would you choose? And why? For me it would have to be Sweetcorn. The difference in taste between shop bought Sweetcorn and […]

The Neater the Row the Better the Veg?

I love Spring – everything is so new, green and full of promise. Apart from Christmas it’s my favourite time of year. The Cabbages that I transplanted a couple of weeks ago are coming on a treat and are ready to be planted out in the garden. I made sure to dig in some lime […]