First Harvest – Radish

This is the first real harvest of the year (if you only count seed that was sown this season).
What more can be said – growing, harvesting, and eating, that’s what it’s all about right?
Anyone else harvesting from this year’s sowings yet?.

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  1. these look great! my radishes are still very skinny but i’ve been eating rocket and pea plant tips for a month or so. can’t wait for things to really get going!

  2. Do you ever grow mooli? These are long and thick white radish which the Japanese call Daikon. I was thinking of growing some this year for the first time.
    I agree with angharad … your radishes look really good. Our has just sprouted.

  3. I haven’t even sown any radish seed yet. Perhaps I’ll do that today now you’ve reminded me. Yours look lovely.

  4. Nice. I’m going to launch into mine soon, though they are of the more oblong type.

  5. Congratulations! I haven’t harvested yet, but hope to in the next week or so – mixed salad greens should be ready!

  6. I pulled a dozen radishes last night for a family dinner party. It was such a treat to deliver a taste of spring to the family and be paid in compliments and smiles.

    I had no idea there were so many radish fans in the family though. I may need to plant several more dozen for the coming weeks.

  7. oooh!! those look SO yummy!! i am harvesting wild rocket that i sowed last summer in my greenhouse!! it is SO peppery and delicious–i am hoping that it’ll just keep growing happily away! nothing yet from this year–too cold up here in cumbria–but shouldn’t be too long i hope!

  8. I just sowed some radishes yesterday, I’ve never grown them before, but I’m excited for a quick delicous veggie for spring. Next year I hope to be eating them by now.

    I’m only harvesting things I planted last fall, spinach, mache and kale. I’m also foraging for delicious tasty wild greens, garlic mustard and dandelions. YUM YUM.

  9. I had hoped to be eating radishes by now but my 3 very cheeky hens escaped and had a scratching frenzy just where they were emerging! They didnt eat the tiny leaves so I squished them back in (the radishes that is) and they are happily growing…….another week for me I think!

  10. I picked some radishes from this year’s sowings at the allotment today. They weren’t anything near as big as yours! I did sow some last year in the coldframe, however, before Winter started. Those are maturing now. What variety did you use?

  11. Looks tasty! I’ve been munching on the odd broad bean top and urging everything to get a move on and GROW.

    I’ve got high hopes for my cucumbers in the greenhouse: almost 1 cm long already, won’t be long now…

  12. It’s now barely warm enough to put things in the ground here in the waaaay northern US. I sowed radish last week. Yours are beautiful! Radish isn’t my favorite, but I am so in love with how fast it’s ready to eat.

  13. Gillian – question for you…

    I pulled a few more radishes this morning and noticed that several of them had split open on the bottom. They still taste wonderful but don’t look appealing enough to give away to friends.

    Any idea what causes this?

  14. I haven’t eaten raddishes since I was a child when they were so hot. I am told you can get milder ones, I’ll have to look into that. Pop over to my blog, I have left an award for you.


  15. I have a few very tiny spring onions, but I forgot to sow radishes. They were the very first thing I ever grew on my Father’s allotment when I was a child. Happy memories.

  16. My radishes have been planted but aren’t ready to harvest yet.

  17. I ate some of mine this week, they were wonderful and fresh! Some more should be ready next with more now sown. Although something pulled up half a row, birds perhaps, but the others seem so be ok I planted with the onions!

  18. Wow,I’ve just sown mine up here in deepest darkest Yorkshire.
    Just goes to show you how far behind we are up here.

  19. Tripp I think that your splitting is due to irregular watering which can happen when you get heavy downpours followed by periods of sunshine.

  20. Hi Zee – no I’ve never grown Mooli. I’ve seen them in magazines but haven’t gotten around to giving them a go. I always understood them to be a winter crop because they are frost hardy apparently.

  21. Hello :)

    I just wanted to pop in and thank you for writing your blog. I’ve been reading for a little while and, now that we’ve just moved to a new property with a garden, I’m aspiring to being able to post pics of my first radish… :)

    My vegetable gardening is going to be experimental because I don’t really know what I’m doing and the word experimental leaves things open for failure as well as success and surprises *grin*

    Happy garden blessings to you :)

  22. That looks SO delicious. About 10 days and I think I’ll have some radishes to harvest.

    BTW – beautiful photography on your site!

  23. I’m convinced you need to start keeping chickens. They’re not too much work, great to have around the place and you would have eggs with much yellower yolks.

  24. Tom, I would love to have some chickens. The problem is, my cats would love me to have some chickens too!

  25. Hi, yes – I’ve used a plastic tunnel cloche to get things moving early this year so I’ve been munching on radishes and little gem thinnings for the past fortnight. Spring onions just about up to the job now too. Don’t you just love spring ? :-)

  26. Your radishes look great. I pulled some of mine the other day (waited 30 days instead of the 25 that the seed packet said) and all I got was a colored stem and great looking leaves. Has anyone ever ate the leaves? I think that will be all I get for my first time planting them? Thanks.

  27. I am growing radishes for the 1st time,In a container 2 1/2 ft x 1 1/2 ft 14 inches deep.I have lots of green leaves,dark,healthy looking red color stems,but no radishes,they should be ready(6 weeks from seed) should I wait a coupla weeks before giving up?

  28. i amgrowing radishes the red part is long ihave thined a bit but they are not thickening up the leaves are long and stalks but now starting to go to seed how can i get theese darn radishes to grow biggerin the baseto what you eat can you help please i dont want to throw them without having a few of the crop

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