How to Make Mint Tea

At this time of year I always have loads of Mint. I have a patch growing in an old stone trough and every year it comes back with lovely fragrant lush green leaves. Nothing says summer’s here like some fresh Mint from the garden in a tall glass of Pimms and lemonade. But…while I could […]

Why Pinch Out Broadbean Tips?

Yesterday, I ran along my Broadbean row, and like a good girl, I pinched out the tips from each plant. I was pleased with the results until I realised that I didn’t actually know why I’d just done it. I had some vague recollection of reading it somewhere in a book and that it had […]

Your Photos from the Ground

‘Squash Seedlings’ by Heidi Lewis Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the Photo Mission: Your Garden from the Ground. I received quite a lot of photos. I have chosen the best four and posted them below. I’m sure you’ll agree they are quite stunning. ‘Fava Jungle’ by David LaFerney ‘Red Onions’ by Francis Roundtree […]

Lettuce: My Garden Hero

This is a photo of one of my Tom Thumb lettuces. For me, Lettuce is the backbone of any kitchen garden. It’s such a versatile crop, and it can make the difference between a lackluster, patchy garden and an oasis of wow-ness (I made that word up, can you tell?). Firstly, it’s super easy to […]

Thinning my Peach Tree

When I planted and pruned my tiny Peach tree way back in March last year I honestly didn’t think I’d see any Peaches this year. But when it started to flower and I made a Peach frame to protect the flowers from the frost and later hand-pollinated it I crossed my fingers for something to […]

Your Garden from the Ground

Earth from the Air? – pah! sooo last week – what’s new is ‘Your Garden from the Ground’. I just love taking photos lying on the ground. The photos that you end up with are much more intense than regular shots. They really put you in the photo and make it seem like you’re really […]

Transplanting My Tomatoes

It’s time to transplant my Tomato seedlings from their nursery tray into individual pots. The seedlings have at least two of their larger, ‘real’ leaves and they are nice and short, green and vigorous. I’m planting them well below the soil level that they were at in the tray. I’m trying to get them so […]