Your Photos from the Ground

‘Squash Seedlings’ by Heidi Lewis

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the Photo Mission: Your Garden from the Ground. I received quite a lot of photos. I have chosen the best four and posted them below. I’m sure you’ll agree they are quite stunning.

‘Fava Jungle’ by David LaFerney

‘Red Onions’ by Francis Roundtree

‘Rainbow Chard’ by Michelle Parsons

Watch out for another photo mission very soon!

16 Comments on “Your Photos from the Ground

  1. I love these photos’ they make me feel like a bug I can tell a lot of effort has gone into these. Good idea :)

  2. Beautiful, all! Especially love the fava shot.

  3. they’re great! I keep meaning to take a photo every time I go to the allotment – perhaps I should set up a webcam on it (Can you get web cams that are self contained and save the pics to memory stick? I think you must be able to..)
    Anyway you’ve inspired me enough to go and take some photos.

    It does create a little vegetable envy though – why haven’t I planted some red onions too? Maybe next year…

  4. Excellent shots – some perky looking onions there. Shame the weather and my schedule didn’t overlap enough for me to submit a couple of shots – fingers crossed for the next photo mission.

  5. What a great idea. I like your Photo Mission, mtp!

    These photos are making me green with envy. The veg looks so advanced.

    I’d love to know the location of each shot. Wish my garden was looking like this, or maybe I’m just a bit of a slow starter…

  6. So excited I made the cut!
    For the record, leafyleith, I am roughly half way between York & Durham.

  7. Hello from Oklahoma,

    Your photos just prove that things look different
    from a different perspective, in the garden and
    in life. Frances, I loved the red onions and would
    love to be there to eat some with Black-eyed Peas
    and U. S. Southern cornbread!

  8. I second Jo’s comment. I loved the chard photo. I haven’t yet planted mine but look forward to several crops, in both my backyard and community garden plot. Wonderful photos!

  9. Wow, love the Rainbow Chard! My hubby and I have some growing in our garden (we built a “Square Foot Garden” last summer) and are amazed at how constantly it refreshes itself! It’s almost like little trees, with chard leaves attached. Great for our daily salads and so pretty too!

  10. Absolutely love the squash seeds. These photos would make a great calendar, or book, or coasters, or anything else you can put a photo on. Got a range coming out soon mtp?

  11. Hi Debbie, Thanks for commenting
    These photos are not mine, they were taken by my lovely readers as listed. So I couldn’t really use them. I did do a calendar this year and I plan to do one next year but hopefully I will be able to make it a bit cheaper