String Too Tight

As I ventured into the garden yesterday to pull some Leeks I noticed that the string ties on my Peach tree were becoming a little tight. On closer inspection I found that a few were very tight indeed and one had cut through the bark – bad news for letting infection in. I was surprised […]

Christmas Potatoes in January

Today, I finally dug up my Christmas Potatoes! I know, I’m a bit late but unfortunately I fell into the very trap that I warned against when I planted them back in August. Back then I said, “Just remember to dig up your Potatoes ‘before’ Christmas Day if there is frost forecast. You wouldn’t want […]

Gorgeous Devonshire Garden

We’re staying at a cottage for New Year with some friends. The house was built probably in the 1920s or 30s and is lovely but it’s the garden that has really stolen my heart. There isn’t a vegetable or fruit tree in sight so it’s odd that I should be so taken with it. But […]