String Too Tight

As I ventured into the garden yesterday to pull some Leeks I noticed that the string ties on my Peach tree were becoming a little tight. On closer inspection I found that a few were very tight indeed and one had cut through the bark – bad news for letting infection in.

I was surprised because the ties are only on last summer’s grow and I had thought I had left enough room for growth. But apparently not.

So the whole lot will have to come off and be replaced by some that are nice and loose with a twist to keep the branch from rubbing on the canes or wire.

9 Comments on “String Too Tight

  1. It’s pricy – but the slightly stretchy brown plastic twine which comes in two thicknesses is excellent. It always has a little ‘give’ in it and lasts and lasts. I use it where looks aren’t so important and on precious branches I don’t want to damage. Jute twine is lovely but can constrict as it shrinks in wet.

  2. Back at home we used to put a little piece of folded thick cardboard between the strings and the plant to avoid any cuttings. It works really nice!

  3. just found your garden/cookery blog while flicking through garden blogs on this wet and windy day, like it, will add to my faves list

  4. My fingers are crossed for you, I hope your peach tree will be fine. Do you have a lot of success with peaches in the UK?

  5. Remember that as a stem grows, it’s diameter increases, so a tie that starts out loose, can eventually strangle an expanding stem…. like everything, maintenance is important.