Little Hands

These little hands are trying to figure out how to open this peapod thing with the sweet, juicy Peas inside. Pulling the stalk bit doesn’t work. Aha! The little hands have no idea how they did it but they managed to open it! And look what’s inside. Lots and lots and lots of them. “Eat […]

Working Well Together

One area that’s really coming together in the garden is this section that I planted up in a sun-burst design. The cut and come salads are really working well next to the Mizuna. And these Peas look great against the Greyhound Cabbages. There are some gaps where I’ve harvested things. I have sown some Chicory […]

Red Currants Galore!

I harvested my Red Currants today. Wow! I can hardly believe how many currants I got from one bush. I didn’t have time to do anything with them right now so I’ve frozen them. I read somewhere that the easiest way to get them off the stalks is to run a fork down the stalk […]

Which is the Tastiest Strawberry?

This month Which? Gardening did a trial of 23 different varieties of strawberry to find the tastiest strawberries. I’m a bit jaded when it comes to trials. There always seems to be someone, somewhere doing a trial of something and alot of the results are inconclusive or skewed in some way. But this one really […]

Do Strawberries Need Straw?

Good question! I’ve been growing Strawberries for six years now. Initially, at my allotment and then in my garden. I’ve only ever used straw twice, the first year I grew them, and this year. It took me a long time to make the connection between straw and Strawberries – no really! I’m a little slow […]