How to Shell Broadbeans

If you’re bringing in the Broadbean harvest right now you’ll probably have a lot of shelling to do. This is the technique I use when I have a lot of beans to get through in one go. Harvest your Broadbeans before they get too big and mealy. Take the beans out of the shell and […]

This Years Lettuce

Here are my smart new Lettuce varieties that I’m growing for the first time this year. Above is Reine de Glaces, an iceberg type, crispy sort with spiky leaves. Very fresh. This one is called Really Red and is not quite big enough to cut yet as it needs to heart up a bit more. […]

Harvesting Shallots

I dug up my Shallots a few days ago and dried them out in the sun (before the rain came). They are now happily weathering the wet weather in the potting shed. If the sun comes out again I’ll pop them out to dry some more. I planted them back in March from some saved […]

My Local Community Garden

I often think that I’m giving Jackson, my eldest boy, a great and varied experience in the garden. I grow a bit of everything and so he can see where most vegetables come from. What I failed to understand is that he gets to see my garden and the way I have laid it out […]

My Perfect Rocket

Just… waiting for it to go to seed. Because you know it will, any day now.

Harvesting Spring Onions

My Spring Onions are almost ready to start pulling. They’ve done very well this year. Last year I had germination issues but this year has been completely different. Spring Onions are a great crop for a small garden because they don’t need thinning and so you can get lot and lots of plants from a […]