My Perfect Rocket

Just… waiting for it to go to seed. Because you know it will, any day now.

5 Comments on “My Perfect Rocket

  1. Lovely looking rocket! I’ve totally failed on the salad leaves front this year. Was looking forward to some glorious lollo rossa but everything is struggling. There’s always next year…

  2. Keep picking! :) I love rocket – grew tonnes very early in the year in the greenhouse in trays – worked a treat. I’m going to give it another go towards the end of the season when the greenhouse isn’t so chock-a-block!

    PS. Love the plant tag!

  3. I sowed some more Rocket on Sunday and it’s up already three days later. Perfect for little and often sowings to add some bite to summer salads.

  4. It will not go to seed if you cut and grow and water it all the time. Happy growing