Babington Kitchen Garden

It’s been oooh roughly three and half years since myself and my husband have been away without the children. And while we love the little blighters to pieces we thought it was high time we had a break. So we booked ourselves into Babington Houe for the weekend – a rather nice country house hotel […]


Oooh! Get me, growing Mini-Sweetcorn. I bought the seed as a bit of an afterthought really. I saw it for sale on a seed website and as I was buying some other things I threw it into the basket with a view to maybe having a go. And this year I did! My normal sweetcorn […]

Teeny-Tiny Tomatoes

I don’t know about you but I’ve had hardly any Tomatoes this year. Most of mine are still green and sitting on the bush in the rain – booh! The only success I’ve had with outdoor Tomatoes this year was with my clutch of teeny-tiny Tomatoes, my Sweet Pea Currants. I lovingly raised them from […]

Paris Market Carrots

I’ve been harvesting my small round Carrots (I think the variety is Paris Market) over the last week or so. They have been a great success. I sowed them underneath my Apple espalier in a situation that is part shaded, by my tall Raspberry canes, and also quite dry since it’s right next to the […]

Double Cropping Raspberries

My Autumn-fruiting Raspberries are pumping out the fruit as usual this year, which is all very nice. But next year I might do something a little different. Autumn Raspberries are described as ‘primocane’ because they fruit on this season’s wood. Usually, I cut the canes down to the ground in Feb and the new season’s […]

Iron Deficiency in Raspberries

If your Raspberry leaves are starting to look like this, kind of variegated and in some cases a bit yellow, they probably have an iron deficiency, and possibly a manganese deficiency too. I know because mine look like this! I first noticed it a few weeks ago and actually thought it made the whole plant […]