Paris Market Carrots

I’ve been harvesting my small round Carrots (I think the variety is Paris Market) over the last week or so. They have been a great success. I sowed them underneath my Apple espalier in a situation that is part shaded, by my tall Raspberry canes, and also quite dry since it’s right next to the wall.

It was really a shot in the dark since I didn’t know if the Carrots would grow well there. But I figured as they’re only small roots they wouldn’t need as much light or water as regular Carrots.

It paid off. All the Carrots I harvested are full sized and mega tasty. I’m really pleased and will certainly try the same thing next year.

16 Comments on “Paris Market Carrots

  1. Great to read this post, as my entire veggie patch is in a shaded, dry corner under an apple tree (not ideal I know), and my regular carrots were dreadful for those very reasons. Paris Market is a great tip. Thank you. Dan

  2. Oooh. These look great! Thank you for sharing them. We want to try them in our garden now!

  3. This is very interesting, thank you. I’ve never had much success with carrots and have been looking for some which might do better in our rather shaded allotment.

    I’ll give these a go.

  4. Very cute carrots. Seem like a good crop to try growing in containers if people have limited space.

  5. Wow these look amazing! I haven’t had much success with carrots as they nearly always get eaten by something so I’ll definitely look for these. Maybe I could grow them in pots? Great post. x

  6. they look great, I grew round carrots in a container a couple of years ago and had a good crop. thanks for reminding me about them, I must try them again.

  7. I’ve grown the same variety and they are very tasty but I can’t get them to a decent size as I am impatient and pick them small! I’m doing Autumn King in a container in my garden and they should do better if I leave them alone. I confess I did pick some this week and they were very nice even if they were half size. Autumn Prince perhaps ha ha

  8. Ooooh these look amazing! They would look lovely in a roast vegetable mix of similar-looking vegetables like baby beets. I want some too! :-)


  9. I haven’t had much success with carrots because the soil at my allotment has quite a bit of clay in it and the carrots seem to struggle to push through the soil. I’ve had some intriguing shapes which I don’t mind but it makes them difficult to clean with so many lumps and bumps so maybe I’ll try this variety next year.

  10. I like your garden advice and could certainly use some of it to make my thumb a little greener. How can I follow your site?

  11. Hi Maria, Thanks for joining us. There is a subscribe button if you scroll down on the left. Enter your email address in the box and hit subscribe. You will then get all my updates to your inbox.

  12. I love that you grew these under your apple espalier! I have one entire side of my garden edged with espaliered apples. Seeing this, I realize I can also plant radishes there. Usually I limit it to lettuces. It’s almost time for me to plant my fall garden (too hot still where I live) but I will try some short-rooted things there now.