A Little Bunch of Anemones to Brighten my Day

I bought some Anemones today. I couldn’t resist and well, I needed something to brighten up the house. I love Winter, I really do. The light is so…how to describe it… refreshing. But it can get a little samey. And when you add something vibrant, like this, it really stands out. The temperature dropped again […]

Growing for Kids

Growing for kids is not the same as growing with kids – that’s a whole other post. Growing for kids is about growing things that your kids will eat, as opposed to growing things that your kids will like to grow. Are you following me? In my nearly four years of experience growing for kids […]

Lemon Drizzle Loaf

Last week I wanted to make Lemon cake but I didn’t have enough Lemons. This time I made sure I had enough Lemons because my mouth has been watering all week at the thought of eating Lemon Drizzle Loaf! I know I said that my new found bake Friday’s were all about bringing the family […]