Gorgeous Seakale

I wanted to show you how gorgeous my Seakale is at the moment. As a rule I generally don’t let things flower in the vegetable garden unless I’m planning to collect seed from them. And this would have applied to my Seakale too but it ran to seed so fast and the flowers just popped […]

Jersey Farmers’ Union at Chelsea

I just got back from Chelsea on Saturday and to be honest I’ve needed these last few days to recover and process all the wonderful things that I saw there. The whole experience has served to deepen my respect for gardeners and growers and helped me fall in love with kitchen gardening all over again. […]

I’m At Chelsea Flower Show

I’m at Chelsea Flower Show, normal service will resume shortly. Pimms anyone?

Pros and Cons of Box as Garden Edging

I planted some Box around one of my vegetable beds in April last year. It was really a test to see what it would look like and how I could manage it. If all went well then I would consider putting edging around the other beds to make it a feature of the garden. I […]

Mixing Some Salad Seed

In an attempt to use up some of the seed that has been slowly expiring at the bottom of my seed box I spent the morning making my own Salad Leaf seed mix. I don’t know about you but I always end up with a bunch of seed packets that don’t contain quite enough seed […]

Feature: How to Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a pure delight to grow. Watching your own plants swell to produce sweet, aromatic fruits is one of the true pleasures in life and one that many people repeat year after year. The Tomato is one of the only vegetables that you can grow in a diverse range of shapes, colours and sizes. […]

Plant Tags that Last for Decades

I don’t know about you but I get hacked off with all the plastic that is used in gardens. I have a mountain of plastic pots from the garden centre, and have been given many plastic seed trays. I also go through so many plant tags that I resorted to buying plastic ones that crumble […]

Heirloom Tomatoes

I went to the Spring Gardening Show in Malvern this weekend. It’s always lovely to see so many gardeners walking around with basketfuls of plants. This year there seemed to me to be more than the average number of nurseries selling unusual plants and flowers. I even thought about buying a Clematis! Still thinking. One […]

Much Needed Protection for My Flower Pots

Although my garden is mostly about fruit and vegetables I do occasionally make a foray into flowers. I recently decided it was time to brighten up my deck area. However, I have a one year old little boy who loves nothing better than to ‘check out’ mummy’s pots. The only thing I have on my […]

This Year’s 1st Real Harvest

I count this as my first real harvest of the season. It’s my over wintering coldframe Lettuce Reine des Glaces, with a little bunch of ‘this season’ herbs and a clutch of early Radish called Rainbow mixed from Plants of Distinction. The colander is a vintage enamel one that I bought at a flea market […]