Heirloom Tomatoes

I went to the Spring Gardening Show in Malvern this weekend. It’s always lovely to see so many gardeners walking around with basketfuls of plants. This year there seemed to me to be more than the average number of nurseries selling unusual plants and flowers. I even thought about buying a Clematis! Still thinking.

One stand caught my eye though, it was chock full of heirloom Tomatoes. The Tomatoes were beautifully displayed in coconut shells and miniature gardens and made me want to plough my whole plot and plant nothing but Tomatoes! Very inspiring. The ones pictured above are Green Zebra (on the left) and Striped Stuffer (right).

I forgot to make a note of the name of this Tomato but it could be Green Sausage.

I love the shape of this huge Tomato. It’s called Pearson and looks to me like it might need the protection of a greenhouse. Large Tomatoes normally do.

These little apple-shaped Tomatoes are Ceylon. I might give them a try outdoors this year. I bet they’re prolific and mouth-wateringly sweet.

I like to grow at least one Tomato that isn’t red. This one looks amazing. It’s called Tangella and is unusual enough to spice up any plate.

I do find that some Heirloom Tomatoes are not very appetising to look at. Some of them are, well, just ugly. Some of the black ones even make me wince a bit. Anyone with me on that one?

Finally, this is a photo of the whole stand. I really love the passion here. Heck. I know they’re trying to sell Tomato seed and it’s their business but from the effort that has gone into this you just know that they breathe Tomatoes. I’m grateful that someone is so passionate about it to make this wonderful display that really made my day.

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  1. I’ve never been to the Malvern Show, though I do hope to go there next year. It looked great on Gardener’s World on Friday! Likewise, I’ve not yet grown any heritage veg and fruit. I know what you mean about black tomatoes … I’m a bit uncertain too, about veggies which come in the “wrong” colour! Eating is a multi-sensory experience after all ! But as you say, this tomato nursery has made the most lovely display and I like that they’ve lavished as much attention on displaying their tomato plants as other people would lavish on flowers.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Some of my favorite tomatoes are from Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Ukraine, all heirlooms. This year I am growing Cherokee Purple, seeds from the Mt. Vernon garden of Thomas Jefferson. I only grow heirloom veg because of the flavors and the stories!

  3. We are doing a back to back garden at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2012 titled “Peak Reflections”. The display looks amazing it’s always great to see how much effort exibitors put in to there displays.

  4. I was at Malvern on saturday and I was fascinated by some of those tomatoes – I was also one of those walking around with plants! I must catch up with Gardeners World on the i-player and see what they had to say about it.

  5. Don’t think about the clematis. Just do it. I am a very avid gardener, and also always about them. After many many years of gardening I realise what I missed and am now buying them in quantities. Do look at


    (if the link doesn’t work search term clematis bolam bbc gardeners world)

    As for the tomatoes… as my husband only wants the perfect, completely unaffordable greenhouse (on the spot where we first have to remove and build anew a huge barn) and will not discuss the 300 pound practical variety I am still without and for the past years of prolific rain all tomatoes ended up rotting. So this year I’ll try a last time without greenhouse but with some roof above the plants to keep most rain out ….

  6. I have a green zebra this year that I am looking forward to. I actually LOVE the black and purple tomatoes and quite enjoy the odd and curious ones.

  7. I agree about the appeal of tomato displays- I usually go to the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival and I always drool over the tomato display, they have loads to sample so can really indulge – then I buy more to take home.

    We had a talk at our gardening club from a lady who had decided to grow just tomatoes in her garden. She grew all sorts, was very knowledgeable and showed us lots of lovely pictures of tomatoes

  8. Tomatoes are my favorite vegetables!
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  9. There is something quite addictive to heirloom tomatoes, i love to try a new tomato each season as well as the usual favorites.
    Black Russian, Tigerella, Roma and Yellow Pear were last seasons.
    We are now coming into our Winter so lots of time to read up and plan on what to plant next…………………..