Apple Tasting Day

Now that I live in Portland I felt it was time to get to know my local Apples better. I know the names of British Apples quite well, Ashmead’s Kernel, Beauty of Bath, Blenheim Orange. They all have lovely traditional names. But when it comes to Apple varieties here in the Pacific Northwest I’m a […]

A Late Rose

I took this photo of a late rose on the way to drop off at school the other morning. It’s amazing to me that it’s the end of October and beautiful flowers like this are just growing in the car park. The rain drops helped of course.

Make Some Flubber

I confess I had never heard of Flubber when I moved here. Back in the UK my kids played with playdough, paints, chalk etc but Flubber? No. This was a new thing to me. So when my 4 year old joined the local pre-school co-op and I was assigned the task of ‘making playdough and […]

New Window Boxes

Since I have no garden to garden in as such (it’s a pile of dirt right now waiting for irrigation trenches to be dug) I turned my attention to the window boxes at the front of the house. They’re pretty protected by the porch so I’m thinking that any plants will be fine through the […]

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Today, we visited a local Pumpkin farm with the pre-school. I was excited because I’ve never visited a Pumpkin farm before. Back in the UK Pumpkin farms are hard to come by. There are some but as the summers are not predictable I’m sure it’s not very stable business for farmers. Here in Portland, however […]