New Window Boxes

Since I have no garden to garden in as such (it’s a pile of dirt right now waiting for irrigation trenches to be dug) I turned my attention to the window boxes at the front of the house. They’re pretty protected by the porch so I’m thinking that any plants will be fine through the Winter.

I bought the plants at my local garden shop, Garden Fever. It’s not the cheapest shop in the world but then when you have kids there is something to be said for convenience (read: I had half an hour to do this so it had to get done quick!).

I went for a purple, sage green look with Lavenders and ever greens. They are, Artemisia Schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’, Parahebe Olsenii, Lavender Dilly Dilly, Nepeta Citriodora (Lemon Catmint), Penstemon Heterophyllus, Selaginella Moellendorffii.

Some of these plants will grow too big for a window box. But for now they seem happy and I’ll transplant them into the garden later on.

3 Comments on “New Window Boxes

  1. Oh you are near Fremont! My brother lives on ne 37 th! Lovely round there!

  2. Love this post. Shows your imagination in using the space that you have while you wait to use your garden.