School Garden: Kids with Spades

So the school garden. There’s been a lot going on there since I last posted about my involvement there. As with most things connected to the school, you attempt to dip your toe in the water and by accident you fall in. That’s what happened here. I’m now running the school garden (ha! who saw […]

Rhododendrons & Blues & Reds

Here is some cool stuff in my garden right now. Cool stuff – I know, I’m getting too technical. The main photo is a purple Azalea (don’t know the type)¬†¬†Rhododendron PJM that I salvaged from the overgrown mess that was my front garden three year’s ago. I planted it with plenty of space around it […]

New Country, New Lessons to Learn

When I say I live in Portland, Oregon lots of people say, “Well, the weather is pretty similar to the UK there anyway.” And I well it is. If you mean it rains a lot in the Winter. But it’s not quite the same. It’s hotter and drier in the summer and this can have […]