Rhododendrons & Blues & Reds

Here is some cool stuff in my garden right now. Cool stuff – I know, I’m getting too technical.

The main photo is a purple Azalea (don’t know the type)  Rhododendron PJM that I salvaged from the overgrown mess that was my front garden three year’s ago. I planted it with plenty of space around it and pruned it. I’m so glad I did. Its colour is amazing at this time of year.

Below is the view from my greenhouse right now. When I’m busy sowing seeds with my heater on and my cup of tea in hand I can glance over and see the Tulips popping up and beyond that the Black currant bush just coming into leaf.


This is a silly photo I took through the mirror in my greenhouse looking back at the plants that I saved from last year’s summer window boxes. You can just see the Purple Heart next to the white tags. And yes there is a mirror in my greenhouse.

IMG_5408 My Peach tree is trained as a fan on the south-facing fence. It’s a Q-18 and has never had peach leaf curl. Touch wood.


Brunnera Jack Frost just about getting going. It will flower for months! IMG_5398Pulmonaria Blue Ensign. You don’t see them for sale at many nurseries. It’s normally the pink one with speckled leaves. That blue…


This is one of two Camellias that I have that are forming an arch over an iron gateway. They are the first to flower in the Winter with this Christmassy red. The hummingbirds love them.

IMG_5387 The Forsythia in the front garden is huge and when it blooms it really goes for it. I have planted one on the opposite side of the garden to balance it out someday. But at this moment in time it’s about one foot high. Be thankful for those mature shrubs people. They take forever to grow big!


3 Comments on “Rhododendrons & Blues & Reds

  1. I love your photographs…it is raining here on the Washington coast and your photos are a much needed touch of spring…thank you….keep them coming ….I also love seeing and reading about the progress of your garden…. btw could your azalea be the rhody PJM? I am also starting seeds, my garden is limited to cool season veggies and flowers because of our climate so I have already seeded and they are up and growing the old fashioned tall ageratum, the fragrant tall nicotiana, leeks, lettuces, bok choi and parsley …yesterday I seeded on my hot matt broccoli, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, bachelor buttons, and moved the spinach and larkspur out of the fridge where they spent the last week) and nicked and now soaking my sweet peas between wet paper towels….. spring is so much fun……

  2. Hi Barbara, Yes I think you’re right it could be that Rododendron. I just assumed it was an Azalea because it’s small. But it certainly looks like PJM. Thanks! I shall have to change the title of the post now :)

  3. I have that blue Lungwort and love it. It’s a good spreader, too. Free plants! ;)