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Due to it being winter and cold and wet and dank I’ve been reading a few books. I have lots of gardening books but these three are my favourites. Ryan will testify to that. I’m no book reviewer but here’s a quick summary of why I like them. The first Delia’s Kitchen Garden is a great book full of gorgeous photography. It takes you through month by month and tells you what to plant, sow, pot up etc. It’s all geared towards veg (very little about fruit) and also assumes that you have a greenhouse. And of course there are the seasonal recipes which look delicious (haven’t tried any yet though). The second was a Christmas present from you know who. The Great Vegetable Plot is a personal look at kitchen gardening. Sarah Raven (the one with the unkempt hair on Gardener’s World) provides a little window into her vegetable growing world. I learnt more from this book than the other two put together. She’s great for little tips and tricks that you would never think of yourself. The third is my allotment bible. The Allotment Handbook is a true beginners guide. It tells you exactly what to do when and how. I always read each monthly chapter at least four or five times, just to check I’ve done all my chores that month. So there you go, the mtp reading library. It’s not an exhaustive collection, nor I suspect the book collection of choice for many. I’d be interested to know what everyone else is reading. Come on, there must be some HFW (Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall) fans amongst you, I’ll wager my best trowel.

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  1. Hi

    I use Sarah Raven’s book, too – it’s great!

    My personal bible is ‘The Fruit and Vegetable Expert’ from the Garden Expert series. It’s absolutely brilliant: gives failsafe instructions on how to grow every veg and herb you can think of. Have followed instructions to the letter and never had a failure yet…

  2. Yes, we love Shug, more for his animal stuff than gardening stuff though. His first book is especially good, with the River Cottage Year a close second.

    For fruit and veg I have to agree with Jess and say the Garden Expert series are the most thumbed books in our collection – simple, clear and reliable.

  3. ooh thanks I shall have to try them out – now where did I put that Amazon gift voucher…

  4. Happy new year – santa was generous this year and HFW has been read from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed – however i also was given jamie oliver italy book and was totally won over by his enthusiasm. Even though he doesnt give gardening information he inspires you to grow everything you can for yourself – and taste it which is most important. I also got Rick Stein french odysey which was almost as inspiring. The book I use most is a Geoff Hamilton practical gardening book. The man was (and still is) a legend. Sorry about punctuation but am trying to use a lap top and havent used it enough to be fluent!

  5. Geoff Hamilton – blimey there’s a blast from the past. I remember when he was on TV, did he present Gardener’s World?

  6. Yeah he did – better than anyone – he made it easy – totally different approach from AT and MD. Yogurt pots and st ivel gold tubs!!! He seemed to make everything seasonal unlike trying to grow melons in a heated greenhouse in the depths of winter!!!! Go Geoff!

  7. We already had the Sarah Raven book and used it to order most of our allotment veg this year. The other 2 you reviewed arrived today and they both look really good – looking at all these comments there will be another order placed soon… Thank you for a great site.

  8. Hey – you’ve picked my three fave books!

    I love the Saven Raven book too. She’s got that scarecrow-chic look perfected. And that jacket she always wears on Gardener’s World…

  9. I have read (and still keep a copy of) the Good evegetable guide. Its always handy for references on how to grow your own veg.

  10. The books you recommended are great and have solved several of my problems. Many thanks