Red Spring Onions

This year I tried a new variety of Spring Onion – red ones. I’ve been harvesting them for a few weeks now. I find that Spring Onions are a great crop if you have patience. If you’re in a hurry to eat salad they’re a little frustrating. Why? They seem to germinate quite quickly and push up those promising, spindly, grass-like shoots but then they take an age to thicken up enough to be actually worth harvesting. And if you don’t sow enough of the then they’re picked and eaten before you can say Potato Salad.

I’m not complaining. After four years of growing veg I worked out that you really have to sow the whole packet over a period of weeks to get the volume of Spring Onion required in high summer. So roll on the Spring Onion. I’m ready and waiting for ya!

9 Comments on “Red Spring Onions

  1. I had some big fat red spring onions for dinner last night out of my organic vegetable box. They tasted great. Good luck on these!

  2. I think mine are permanently stuck on the thin and spindly. After awhile they die away. I just haven’t got the knack of growing them to any size.

  3. Same here – I’m still struggling to grow any kind of oniony thing from seed. Admittedly my bantams scratched up the early batch of spring onions and my cat ate the welsh onions, so keeping the livestock at bay might be a good start :)

    I’m going to stick at it, though – spring onions are far too useful to do without!

  4. Sorry you’re missing out on the Spring Onion action. Spring Onions like well-drained, slightly acid soil so if you have an alkaline clay then they might be struggling.

    Other factors can be growing them in soil that was recently limed for another crop.

    Hope that helps.

  5. I have tried spring onions twice this year and both times failed to germinate, so interested in that you say they germinate quickly. I must be doing something wrong.

  6. Good advice about planting the whole packet, my v.small row could be eaten in one good salad and I haven’t the patience to let them fatten out any more.

  7. I swear by the red spring onions and as an added bonus if you let them carry on for a while you also get nice red onions to use.

    As you say ‘whites’ seem to take ALL summer to actually produce something worth eating.

    Which is strange??!

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