Bathroom Hyacinths

At this time of year I love Hyacinths. It’s just so lovely to start bringing the outside in. Spring is here (on some days) and on others we’re flipping back into Winter. But that’s okay by me. I’m mostly staying indoors still and keeping warm. But it’s nice to have something growing and alive and promising in the house.

I bought the stubby bulbs from the florist at my local garden centre (she’s so smiley I can’t resist buying from her!). They came in a crisp brown bag and I ran out to plant them in the potting shed and ran back to get warm.

Now they are looking at me as I brush my teeth in the bathroom. And when they open up, that gorgeous Hyacinth-y smell will fill my morning. Can’t wait.

2 Comments on “Bathroom Hyacinths

  1. I too love hyacinths indoors, but I’m always baffled what to do with them once they’ve finished. It seems such a waster to throw them away, but do I dig them up and keep them in paper bags to replant next year, leave them in the pot, keep them indoors or out, or stick them in a bed in the garden and hope they come up next year? What do you do once they’re done?!

  2. I usually plant the hyacinths out in the garden or on the allotment. Keep my fingers crossed, and usually they reappear the following spring in April.