Hooray! At least one of the plants I sowed in my cutting garden is flowering. The flowers really are a very bright orange. All I need now is a lime-green sitting room to put them in, eek!

11 Comments on “Calendula

  1. Riveting. Looking at the pictre just makes me so happy.

  2. Gorgeous photo – which I had a flower like it!

  3. Um, what camera do you use = )
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Wonderful -forgot to plant any this year but some have still flowered in the polytunnel, self setting from last years plants! Hopefully they will ward off unwelcome visitors as well as making me smile! Great photo!

  5. I had several nice gardens, but we stopped gardening the last two years due to our renovation, you have insired me tho to go back to it as i miss it very much, despite all the work, when the vegetables show it is just so nice..!! love your place.. serene..

  6. A lovely photo!
    Blackcurrants are wonderful, I agree – such a rich aroma, colour, and of course flavour. I had a cunning plan last year of transplanting a blackcurrant bush from another lottie and cutting mine to the ground in readiness for a two-year biennial crop as recommended by Geoff Hamilton. As it turns out neither of them have fruit on this year so it wasn’t an unqualified success!
    Still, roll on next year….

  7. My next door neighbour has a plot full of calendula, it looks amazing :-) They self seed like hell, but when they add so much colour who cares! I’m going to take a leaf out of her book next year and sow loads and then as they self seed, just remove them where they are not wanted, just like I’ve been doing with borage and teazle this year. I’d much rather have these than some of the other weeds that seem so abundant on my plot this year!
    I do so love your photo’s, you seem to have a real knack of geting the lighting so spot on, I never seem to get mine to look half as good as yours!

  8. I have just stumbled across this website whilst looking for a calendula photo to put on my desktop, yours looks great, is it Orange King?

    I have grown these again this year (in my tiny plot), I bought a cheap packet of seeds in B&Q a year or two back and they have been my favourites so far (great for cutting). I have also grown this year T&M Sherbet Fizz, but not that impressed, they haven’t got long enough stems for cutting and a rather nondescript colour.

    Has anyone out there got any favourites?

  9. Hi Louise,
    I’m not sure what variety my Calendula is. I, like you, bought a cheap packet of seeds a while ago and just threw them in.

    My Nigella plants are just about flowering – they are interesting and good enough for a cut flower.