Leek Flowers

Once, way back when I had my allotment, I let one of my Leeks go to flower. Just to see what happened. The result was amazing. A beautiful, spherical, pom-pom that exploded from its papery case and attracted bees from miles around. So this year when I came back from holiday and found that the last clutch of my Leeks had already sprouted alien-esque flower heads I decided to let them flower.

It’s been a long wait. Each day brought the tiny, purple and white flowers closer to the surface. So close infact I could see them through the skin of the pods! But still they didn’t open. Then suddenly, pop!

Out they came.

And so, so beautiful they are. Each flower being made up of hundreds of tiny flowers to make this amazingly round ball of loveliness.

Even the bees love them, so everyone’s a winner.

18 Comments on “Leek Flowers

  1. They look beautiful and attracting bees into the plot is always a good thing.

  2. that’s what it will look like, – there is one budding up in my son’s veg patch and he refused to let me take it out until it flowered, – can’t be long now

  3. Gorgeous – going to have to let one of mine do this.

  4. Delurks… because you loves Allium flowers too!

    I have little self sown onions that seems to pop up around my garden. If they germinate at the wrong time of year it never forms a proper onion so I do the same as you – let them go to flower. They form beautiful white flower balls just like your leaks. If I pick them they last for weeks in a vase.

    PS: I love the picture with the bee on the flower

  5. yeah, with you on this one. They really are amazing! I’m saving mine to photograph too. Out every day waiting for the ‘pop’ then it’ll be snipped for the studio (all being well)

  6. Fantastic! I’m waiting on 3 leftover leeks in our garden, all with an oversized sphere on top. I shall definitely leave them in place now :)

  7. I’ve got three leeks that have been coming up every year for about five years now and don’t look out of place in the flower bed.

    The flowers almost aren’t the best bit because the shape of the flower head before it bursts open is so elegant – like an elongated onion dome – that I was almost sorry they split open.

  8. Maybelline – they would look gorgeous in a bouquet. The trouble is they smell ever so slightly of Leeks. Doh! :)

  9. Just discovered this gem of a blog over the last few days… your pictures are stunning, and so many helpful tips. Thank you!

  10. Thanks for reminding me to *look* sometimes at the plot instead of just working it! Here is the photo I took of my rogue leek which I had thought was a stray garlic bub until I read your blog post!

  11. Your Leek Flowers are gorgeous! I didn’t know they blossomed like this! WOW!

  12. Nice photos. I have several flowering in my garden now. My question is: how long must I wait before the seeds can be harvested?