The Sweetest of Peas

The Sweetpeas have arrived, and even if I do say so myself, have arrived in style!

I can not get enough of them. The fragrance, the colour, the ‘oh my gosh I can’t keep up with you’ production rate. Honestly, I picked the whole lot a few days ago. Every last one, there was not a pea to be seen, sweet or not, and two days later the wigwam is covered again!

And all these from a handful of saved seed. I forgot to harvest the final pods last year and by Autumn when I cleared the garden they had gone dry and crispy, but inside were some perfectly preserved little brown seeds. I kept them in a brown paper bag over Winter and sowed them in early Spring. They romped away and now… well.

Needless to say I’ll be repeating the experiment again this year.

Free seed? Thankyou very much. Free flowers? Thankyou very, very much!

I mean, who wouldn’t want an outdoor desk, with masses of Sweetpeas and a cuppa?

12 Comments on “The Sweetest of Peas

  1. Thank you for these lovely pics!

    Sweetpeas are very special to me too as they remind me of my Dad who loved them.

    Last Christmas my daughter gave me some seeds she had got from the internet which were said to be “Giant Sweetpeas” Most of them germinated and the leaves certainly look bigger than the usual ones. There are some buds just coming now and I am looking forward to seeing just how big they are! I shall certainly be saving seed from them!

    Although it is the beginning of August and sweetpeas are blooming all over the Isle of Man where I live, I live in a exposed hillside area exposed to the sea winds which is why, I guess, my garden seems to be so far behind everyone else’s

    I really enjoy your posts. Keep it up!

    Warm regards

  2. thank you for sharing such all-round summerness! am inspired by your garden – have you photos of a recent garden overview? I got a tayberry because of you! look forward to it cropping next year.

  3. Beautiful flowers, beautiful photos. My third batch of sweet peas are just starting to flower now – who knew so few plants could produce a summer full of flowers?

  4. We planted sweetpeas this year and they’ve just gone crazy! It really is hard to keep up with them. Must remember to save the seed – thanks for the tip.

  5. Mmmm, I can almost smell them from here. Must get out and pick a fresh bunch, they have gone crazy after the rain yesterday, which is always a cause for nasal celebration.

  6. Good to know you completely scalped your wigwam and still have more. I pruned back all the stems without flower heads the other evening, preparing to enjoy the remaining flowers while they lasted. Now I shall wait for a second flush!

  7. Sweet peas are lovely and yet I never grow them! Definitely next year though.
    What a lovely little seating area you have there too.

  8. These are stunning photographs. I used to grow sweet peas with my ex-husband and they always looked so beautiful. They certainly didn’t look as beautiful as these however!

    CJ xx

  9. I love your website. I always feel so inspired when I read it. I have grown Sweetpea Matucana this year, the fragrance is amazing. I have been given the task of growing some of my daughter’s flowers for her wedding next September. I have planted a wedding bed this year as a trial. I would love some tips on what to grow. My blog has got some pictures and info on what I have trialed. I find the discipine of writing about the garden keeps me on my toes.l