Weird Looking Geraniums

I thought I’d post this photo of some strange looking Geraniums that I have in my garden. They are one of the few things that are not edible, cuttable or useful in any way but they are pretty.

They were in the garden when we moved into the house and I saved a small plant in a pot while we were landscaping. Once I planted it out it thrived and is great because it seems to like being in the shade.

I have no idea what it’s called. It’s just pretty cool.

10 Comments on “Weird Looking Geraniums

  1. Do the leaves have a strong scent if you touch them?

    I bought a geranium just like that last weekend, for my ancient mother. When I was growing up we lived in a house right on the beach, and those geraniums grew in the sandhills, like weeds. So we never thought of them as flowers, or garden plants. If you touched the leaves you got the strong scent on your fingers.

    From time to time I see one of them growing somewhere as a weed and I always reach down and touch the leaves, smell, and I’m 8 year old again, running up and down sandhills.

  2. They are beautiful but not geraniums, more like wild lilies according to me. Geraniums are roundish in flowers and leaves besides the peculiar smell.

  3. Can we see a picture with the leaves as well – the whole plant, please? They don’t look like geranium flowers usually do, but they look lovely.

  4. Hi Gill
    I agree with Karen, can we see a picture of the whole plant and a close up of the leaves as i’ve never seen a geranium like this before. If we see the leaves it may give us a better idea about the plant. Lovely colours and shapes though. Mark

  5. Definately a GERANIUM. I seem to remember is has a russian connection, russian geranium or tsarina, or something, but can’t find it in my book.

    This is one of the many hardy geraniums, not to be confused with the wrongly named South African PELARGONIUM, the geranium that is sold as summer bedding.

  6. Mmmm, looks very much like a scented geranium to me, but I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess which one… Are the leaves fragrant? It is lovely!

  7. This is a great geranium (assuming that’s what it is indeed)!

    Why don’t you take some photos of leaves and the whole plant (as well as the flowers) and send the pics to the RHS or GQT and ask them to identify it. There’s bound to be some clever bod out there who knows what it is.

    And then when we know what it is I know what I am looking to buy!

  8. This is probably a variant of what Pete T suggested. I have it in my garden and increasingly regard it as a weed. Hardy geraniums can self-seed, especially the pink ones, in a very invasive way. They’re a tad promiscuous, so won’t reliably be the same as the nice named forms that were planted. Still, it means you get to name one after yourself! Just found this website when looking for blackcurrant recipes. I’ll be back!