Which Tulip Bulbs?

I’m currently shopping for Tulip bulbs online. Last year I grew a variety of tall, single Tulips in different colours. They were all pretty successful and Tulips are the perfect early cut flower since they flower in May (or thereabouts) and then you can lift the bulbs and use the ground for something else.

This time I think I’ll go for a limited palette as the multi-coloured approach didn’t really work for me. I’m thinking whites, peaches and purples.

Doubles really don’t look like Tulips to me and the Parrot varieties (the ruffled kind) didn’t do well last year in my garden. So I’m sticking to your classic single. Here are some colours and varieties that I might go for:

I’ll be looking to get them planted over the next few weeks.
Anyone got any other suggestions? Or links to good bulb merchants?

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  1. Great selection!
    The blueberry ripple and the Carnival de Rio are my favorites.

    I am also planting tulips this year. It is going to be my first time growing them, any advice for a beginner?

  2. Tulips are so easy! Just plant them and wait. Sometimes squirrels dig them up but I haven’t had that problem recently.

  3. I did a simple palette last year of ivory white Maureen, pale pink Pink Diamond and the dark Queen of the Night which looked, if I say so myself, fabulous. At different times of the day, each colour seemed to ‘come forward’. Got them from Gee-Tee.co.uk (I think about £8 for 50 which I thought was pretty good value).

  4. It’s my first time growing tulips, I didn’t really have a colour scheme going on i just picked the ones i thought looked good such as Ballerina, happy generation and patriot im going for a colourful bed next year so lets hope they grow okay.

  5. I love Avon Bulbs, and they have some beautiful collections there, and they’re really dedicated growers. I wish I could make tulips last longer than a year or two – does anybody have any tips?

    Oh, and you can’t beat the classic Queen of Night/wallflowers combo. Wonderful.

  6. https://www.vreeken.nl/2007/index1024x768.php?urloptions=
    I am not sure whether this url works, but otherwise go to http://www.vreeken.nl, on to “bloembollen en knollen”. Sorry the site is in Dutch but hey – that’s where bulbs originate, don’t they?
    So on to “voorjaarsbloeiend” and then for individua l”tulpen” but also do look at the beuatiful and cutting edge combinations in “bollenpakketten”. What about Jos with Tulipa Spring Green, Tulipa Daydream and Tulipa Happy Generation? Assembled by Jacqueline van der Kloet, the world’s most renowned “bulb artist”. And well, once you get the hung of it – do visit the Keukenhof next year. Mindblowing combinations of bulbs and bulbs mixed in with herbaceous borders. (you are welcome to stay at our place btw when crossign the Channel).

    I stopped trying to make my own combinations since the mixes she offers are so great. Do look at them at her own site http://www.theetuin.nl/dreamgardens/index-frames.htmo – if the url doesn’t work just google “jaqueline van der kloet” and follow the links, click on “beelden”. Warning: hazardous. Extreme high risk of becoming greedy. Enjoy!

    (Now that you found Vreeken do look at their seeds too: they offer a huge variety of kitchen garden seeds. I mean HUGE.) Hazards even bigger….

  7. You have just inspired me to visit the wonderful Peter Nyssen website – http://www.peternyssen.com/index.php – and order my tulips and other bulbs for next spring. I have cut and pasted my entire order, to show quantity and prices – do feel free to delete this email if it’s too long or seems like an advert for them! I am always so staggered by the difference in price in buying from the supplier directly.

    Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) — Matterhorn — pure white, green tinged throat
    Number: 3 Total for this item: 10.80 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 894

    Single Early Tulips — General de Wet — orange
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 4.75 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 64

    Single Early Tulips — Princess Irene — orange and purple
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 4.25 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 69

    Parrot Tulips — Rococo — carmine edged fire red
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 4.25 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 196

    Parrot Tulips — Black Parrot — deep purple
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 5.50 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 208

    Double Late Tulips — Orange Princess — featherd nasturium red with pink glow, garnet red flame
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 6.00 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 190

    Viridiflora Tulips — Florosa — outer base white fading to broad rose bengal edge with a long green yellow flame
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 6.00 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 230

    Lily Flowered Tulips — Burgundy — deep purplish violet
    Number: 50 Total for this item: 11.00 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 180

    Lily Flowered Tulips — Ballerina — flamed blood red on lemon yellow ground, yellow orange vein, inside feathered marigold orange and red
    Number: 50 Total for this item: 6.50 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 169

    Prepared Hyacinths — White Pearl — pure white
    Number: 10 Total for this item: 6.90 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 15

    Prepared Hyacinths — Blue Star — wisteria and lobelia blue, dark vein
    Number: 10 Total for this item: 5.90 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 1253

    Jonquilla Daffodils — Sweetness — deep golden yellow, pointed petals
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 3.00 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 302

    Poeticus Narcissi — Recurvus (Pheasant Eye) — pure white, deep red eye
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 4.50 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 316

    Poeticus Narcissi — Actaea — broad snowy white perianth with yellow eye edged red
    Number: 25 Total for this item: 5.00 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 317

    Spring Flowering Crocus — Tommasinianus Ruby Giant — violet
    Number: 50 Total for this item: 2.50 Pounds
    ItemNumber: 366

    I always have mixed feelings about ordering spring bulbs now – it’s almost like wishing any chance of an Indian summer away by looking forward to spring so much. Silly, I know.

  8. My all-time favourite tulips have to be the dark and knowing ‘Queen of the Night’. Here’s some snaps I took this year: http://www.fennelandfern.co.uk/blog/2010/04/20/teasing-tulips/

    If you want your tulips to flower every year, then you need to cut the flower stem off once the flowers have faded, and feed every week with a high potash fertiliser like comfrey tea until the foliage has died back. The bulbs need to stay in the soil and bake a bit for six weeks after flowering, then you can lift them, store, and replant.

    In terms of planting, don’t plant the bulbs until November, as planting any earlier can induce the dreaded fire blight, which spells the end of beautiful spring flowers.

  9. Last year I lined my borders with White Triumphator and Sappora and pushed a few Spring Green bulbs between my unruly Euphorbias. My only disappointment came when the Sappora lost it’s beautiful pale, vanilla yellow as it matured. This year I’m planning on adding a few Apricot beauty and am looking for another pinkish partner for it. Otherwise I’m considering bulking out on more Triumphators (they were glorious) or similar, perhaps the Purissima?

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  11. I second tanja’s recommendation of Tulipa ‘Daydream’ – my fave. The colours change from glowing yellow to deep peachy-orange. By the time it’s done, it’s as if you’ve enjoyed at least two different tulips!

  12. I too am going with a white and pink colour scheme. We’ve had the odd tulip on our tiny balcony, but we recently bought a beautiful house with a reasonably sized garden, and right after signing the contract I ordered 1000 bulbs from this site http://www.gewiehs-blumenzwiebeln.de/.
    I decided on a mixture of early and late tulips as well as filled and single ones.
    We haven’t yet moved in, as the builders are still doing their work, but my first priority was the garden itsefl. So that has been finished two weeks ago and I can start planning my gorgeous six raised beds.