White Tulips


Well you could call this the first harvest. These are my white (with a hint of yellow) tulips that I planted as cutting flowers way back in October. They have turned out very well despite being jammed into the smallest pot in the world and carted from one side of the garden to the next while the landscapers where here. Later on this year I hope to plant them in the garden where they will stay. But for now I am enjoying having some cut flowers available. I’m not really sure why they open up like this. They seem to do this in the morning and then close up in the afternoon. Maybe it’s the sun. But either way they are beautiful and definitely a sign that Spring is here.

3 Comments on “White Tulips

  1. Lovely! I’m enjoying some unusual daffs at the moment. I have some red tulips about to open in the garden. I planted two winters ago and they only managed to produce a couple of leaves so I thought my clay soil had got the better of them but this year they are fantastic – weird!

  2. these are absolutely gorgeous! what variety are they? they have such a pure hue of white, splashes wth buttercup in the center. from what seed company did you purchase these?